Travel Writing

Diane is an award-winning travel writer who has received national and international awards for her articles. These include the Pluma de Plata, which was awarded by the Government of Mexico for the best article written about that country in 1983, the PATA Gold Award in 1986 for the best article written about the Asia-Pacific region, and an award from Air New Zealand for Destination Journalism in 1997.

She has been a freelance travel writer since 1977 when she became the featured travel writer for the Weekend Australian newspaper. Her articles appear in newspapers and magazines such as Gourmet-Traveller, Sun-Herald, Sunday Mail, Sunday Herald-Sun, Adelaide Advertiser, Canberra Times andThe South China Morning Post. Diane is a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

Over the years, she has travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, the United States, South America, South Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand, and specialises in destinations that are exotic and off the beaten track. She has sailed to the Arctic and Antarctic, trekked in the Himalayas and the Andes, paddled a canoe on Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba, eaten raw narwhal in an Inuit village in Greenland, taken part in a Buddhist puja in Sikkim, watched a cheetah kill in Kenya, attended voodoo ceremonies in Brazil, been arrested in Poland, and slept in a Blackfoot tepee in Alberta.

Diane often travelled with her late husband Michael, who was a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. His images illustrated her articles. Some of Michael’s images appear below.