Dancing with the Enemy

Set in Jersey, in the Channel Islands, during the German Occupation, Dancing with the Enemy is based on the extraordinary experiences of people who lived through that traumatic time.

It is the story of Dr Jackson, who pays a heavy price for his loyalty to his patients, and of teenager Tom Gaskell whose audacious plan leads to tragedy.  It is also the story of young Sydney doctor, Xanthe Maxwell who visits Jersey in 2019. Traumatised by the suicide of her friend, she decides on a holiday in Jersey to recalibrate her life, and comes across a wartime journal which draws her into a  turbulent past. It explores the behaviour of people thrust into dangerous situations, the cost of revenge, and the power of forgiveness and love.

Author's Note

On my first visit to Jersey in the Channel Islands, I was blown away when I found out that the Channel Islands were the only part of the entire UK to be occupied by the Germans, and that the Occupation lasted throughout the war. During my visits to this beautiful island, I heard extraordinary stories, and met remarkable people whose experiences and larger than life personalities have inspired this novel. They included a man whose ancestors arrived in Jersey with William the Conqueror.

Praise for Dancing with the Enemy

“Lovers of historical fiction will devour this”

Cheryl Akle, The Weekend Australian

“From the bestselling author of The Collaborator, comes a fascinating story of betrayal, collusion, revenge and redemption set in German-occupied Jersey during World War II”

WHO Magazine

“Brilliant. Five stars from me”

Theresa Smith, Book Review

“A superb story woven around historic facts with marvellous characters”


“Wow, what a story! I literally could not put it down. Three characters’ stories are intertwined into one riveting narrative about how war impacts not only one generation but the lives that come after”

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“Diane Armstrong is an amazing storyteller”

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Dancing with the Enemy